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Biopreservation Group

The ability to preserve and bank biological entities is critical for scientific and medical applications. We are developing novel preservation technologies for cells and tissue to support the fundamental and practical issues associated with the translation of cell-based and tissue engineering technologies from bench-to bedside. Our two primary focus areas in biopreservation research are anhydropreservation and cryopreservation by vitrification. For both techniques, we are using novel protective strategies to ensure survival in a desiccated or frozen state.

Our current projects include:

  • Stabilization of mammalian cells at non-cryogenic temperatures in desiccated state
  • Development of novel dry-processing techniques for anhydropreservation of cells
  • Understanding the bioenergetic, metabolic, and transcriptional responses to cryopreservation
  • Development of novel microfluidic techniques to preserve rare cells
  • Preservation of sperm and oocytes


Representative Publications:

  • Chakraborty N, Chang A, Elmoazzen H, Menze MA, Hand SC, Toner M. A spin-drying technique for lyopreservation of Mammalian cells. Ann Biomed Eng 2011 39(5):1582-91.
  • Lee HJ, Elmoazzen H, Wright D, Biggers J, Rueda BR, Heo YS, Toner M, Toth TL. Ultra-rapid vitrification of mouse oocytes in low cryoprotectant concentrations. Reprod Biomed Online 2010 20(2):201-8.
  • Elmoazzen HY, Lee GY, Li MW, McGinnis LK, Lloyd KC, Toner M, Biggers JD. Further optimization of mouse spermatozoa evaporative drying techniques. Cryobiology 2009;59(1):113-5.
  • He X, Fowler A, Menze M, Hand S, Toner M. Desiccation kinetics and biothermodynamics of glass forming trehalose solutions in thin films. Ann Biomed Eng 2008 36(8):1428-39.
  • He X, Park EY, Fowler A, Yarmush ML, Toner M. Vitrification by ultra-fast cooling at a low concentration of cryoprotectants in a quartz micro-capillary: a study using murine embryonic stem cells. Cryobiology 2008 56(3):223-32.
  • Li MW, Biggers JD, Elmoazzen HY, Toner M, McGinnis L, Lloyd KC. Long-term storage of mouse spermatozoa after evaporative drying. Reproduction 2007 133(5):919-29.
  • Risco R, Elmoazzen H, Doughty M, He X, Toner M. Thermal performance of quartz capillaries for vitrification. Cryobiology 2007 Dec;55(3):222-9.

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