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David Yarmush

Dr. David Yarmush received his doctoral degree in chemistry from SUNY at Stony Brook.  This was followed by postdoctoral work in the department of chemical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Dr. Yarmush’s main interests lie in investigating physiological derangements following severe burn injury and severe trauma, particularly those impairments contributing to insulin resistance in muscle and T cell dysfunction. 

His work focuses on elucidating the molecular mechanisms responsible for muscle wasting with the ultimate goal of providing the proper anabolic factors that alleviate muscle protein loss.  Likewise, in the area of T cell dysfunction, he focuses on the characterization of the mechanisms of downstream signals or relevant cell-cell interactions which will enable the generation of therapies to augment ineffective stimulatory T cell signals.

Recent Publications

Duan X, Yarmush DM, Jayaraman A, Yarmush ML. Dispensable role for interferon-g in the burn-induced acute phase response: A proteomic analysis. Proteomics 2004;4:1830-1839.

Duan X, Yarmush DM, Berthiaume, F Jayaraman A, Yarmush ML. A Mouse Serum 2-D Map: Applications to Profiling Burn Injury and Infection. Electrophoresis 2004;25:3055-3065.

Duan X, Berthiaume F, Yarmush DM, Yarmush ML. Proteomic analysis of altered protein expression in skeletal muscle of rats in a hypermetabolic state induced by burn sepsis. Biochem J. 2006, 397: 149-158.

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