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Genomics and Proteomics Facilities

Rapid advances in biology and medicine have altered the face of biomedical research and led to the integration of a wide array of disciplines such as engineering, physiology, and cell biology. The Genomics and Proteomics core facility utilizes these developments to further the development of new paradigms in clinical and biomedical research. Facilities available include those for monitoring gene and protein expression, characterization, and function in high-throughput formats.

Researchers in the Center for Engineering in Medicine are using functional genomics and proteomics technologies to document the liver's gene and protein expression response to inflammation through in vitro and in vivo studies.  These studies, in combination with parallel metabolic profiling studies, are crucial for understanding the hypermetabolic course taken by injured patients, which can vary dramatically, leading to recovery, chronic illness, or death.  

We are also developing a living cell array, a novel and transformative functional genomics tool for simultaneous measurement of temporal expression profiles of multiple genes.  Information from this new device will be used to predict the molecular events that determine a cell's progression to recovery or failure in response to stress.

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