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Sharon Geerts  

Sharon Geerts, BS
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

I am performing rat primary hepatocyte and non-parenchymal cell fraction isolations for various metabolic engineering applications and rat liver harvests for decellularization and scaffold generation.

Inna Golberg  

Inna Golberg

I am working on the Dr. Shyam Bale to to develop a microfluidic platform for real-time detection of cellular secretions.

Octavio Hurtado  

Octavio Hurtado, BS
Lowell U

I am the lead technical manager of the BioMEMS resource center at the CEM.  In this capacity, I prioritorize all projects and conduct training of investigators and fellows.

George Korir  

George Korir, MS
Johns Hopkins University

My primary project is on developing microfluidic chips to capture and isolate cancer cells from whole blood, as well as isolate proteins for diagnostic applications.
Gloria Lee  

Gloria Lee, MA
U Massachusetts

I focus on the development of a simple, low-cost evaporative drying technique for long-term storage of mouse sperm at non-freezing temperatures.

Samantha Luk  

Samantha Luk, BA
Boston University

I am working under Dr. Keyue Shen investigating the interactions between stromal and tumor cells.

Anshul Maheshwari  

Anshul Maheshwari, MS
Cornell University

I am working on scaling-up and commercializing multiple cell isolation and enrichment based microfluidic technologies conceived by CEM researchers.

Ryan Murray  

Ryan Murray, MS
Northeastern University

I am interested in the therapeutic potential of mesenchymal stem cells. I also hope to apply methods of genetic engineering to develop new in vivo models of disease. 

Sinan Ozer  

Sinan Õzer, BS
Grinnell College

I am managing rat and human liver hepatocyte cell isolations for various metabolic engineering applications for the Center for Engineering in Medicine and Cell Resource Core.

Ilana Reis  

Ilana Reis, MSc
Bar Ilan U

I am the lead program manager, handling personnel issues, organizing all meetings and conferences, and monitoring research and educational program expenses.
Lynne Stubblefield  

Lynne Stubblefield
Boston English HS 

I am involved with administrative aspects of the BioMEMS Resource Center. I also assist with personnel issues, and internal and external meetings and conferences.
Matthew Ulman  

Matthew Ulman

I work on a project to capture circulating tumor cells, with a focus on melanoma and glioblastoma multiforme, for which I use microfluidics and novel imaging modalities.
Frank Wu  

Frank Wu, BA 
University of Calfornia, Los Angeles

I am involved with administrative and research aspects of the Center for Engineering in Medicine.

Ruby Yarmush  

Rubin Yarmush, BA
Yeshiva University

I work on a joint project between the CEM and the MGH Cancer Center on capturing circulating tumor cellsĀ in blood.

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